Thus Google Was Ordered To Erase The Links: Google Must Delete Special Data Upon Request Court Says

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request to remove something from google Costeja GonzA, as long as the huge problem had since been resolved. Then the court ruled that Google and similar search engine operators are in peculiar cases usually can be obliged to get rid of links to third party web pages that contain information relating to a person. It did order Google to delete data from its index, while AEPD rejected complaint against newspaper. They process that information when data is always stored on the search engine’s servers and disclosed through a list of search results. I’m sure you heard about this.

Search engine operators collect that individual data by searching automatically, constantly and systematically for information published on Internet, court said. Consequently, in Costeja case GonzA!lez, the court searched for that the information displayed by Google about him had turned out to be inadequate and irrelevant over time. Now regarding aforementioned fact… So court ruled in a case betwixt Mario Costeja GonzA!lez, a Spanish civil, and Google.

It’s a well-known fact that the search engine operator has to examine such requests thoroughly to determine if information displayed about person is still relevant.

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