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It is no secret that consumers are writing online reviews in large numbers.

Yelp, the clear leader in the online review game, is home to 83 million reviews in its 10 existence years. They are paying close attention to star ratings. Considering the above said. They are forming opinions more quickly depending on those reviews. Some information can be found by going online. While as indicated by a recent survey, more consumers are reading online reviews.

People form first impressions of most businesses on the internet, especially through the first search engine results pages.

While 80 those percent surveyed by BrightLocal last month said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations -certainly a high number -the survey saw a three percent dip from last year.

These survey results, discussed below, reaffirm just how vulnerable businesses are today on the internet.

internet reputation Business must spend some amount of time focusing on how peopleperceive themon the internet. Specifically, they mustwork to protect their online reputations beyond simply attempting to put out a quality product or service. Usually, the consumers surveyed also indicated that they pay most attention to overall star ratings. Given that online reviews are so prominent today, including their locations in search results, businesses can’t ignore them -in particular if the ratings are lower than ideal. While in line with a Deloitte study oftencited on our blog, executives from large companies have identified reputation as the single most important strategic risk.

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