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Remove the tag that identifies it as you, if someone else posts a picture of you on Facebook that you find embarrassing.

Though you don’t hear plenty of people chattering about Google+ these days, author Stradtman predicts the site will gain in power over the coming years in part as long as it is a Google product so Google will favor content from there in searches.

You don’t have to be active but don’t be completely dormant either. Actually, the major sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, as the majority of us know. Do join them and take the time to fully fill out the profiles, even if you don’t feel like you have time to be active on these sites.

Add new content at least monthly. And join Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube and possibly others, employ the most relevant online platforms including social networking websites, wiki pages, blogs, communities, forums, and all that. Notice that our online reputation repair services been designed to SE, and profile development are also a part of our services. So, with social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, various online forums for the most part there’re a couple of innovative ways to put forward ideas and criticize or praise others.

Whether favorable or not, your customers. Competitors or rivals are there discussing your brand on a few sites.

Reputation is the valuable asset for you or your company and we it will take lots of time, hard work as well as efforts to build and grow reputation among the customers.

Power of internet has made it easy for your customers to engage in conversations, share views and add comments. Another question isSo the question is this. What about my friend who posts frequent Facebook shots and videos of her adorable one and ‘fouryearolds’, sometimes naked and playing in the bathtub?

All the experts say you need to never post any pictures of yourself that you don’t look for the world to see.

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