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repair your online reputation Googling yourself is amidst the most important things you can do to protect and improve your reputation.

To be truly effective, you’ll need to understand why it’s important, how to get the most information, and how to handle what you’ve found, it can be as simple as typing your name into Google and scrolling through.

In fact, it’s the first step to a better reputation, as you have to know what you’re facing before you can take action. Your social media profile is likely among the first places they’ll look for reliable information, in part as long as your profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter can rank prominently in organic search results if active and properly optimized, when users search for you. Seriously. Time where news is at our fingertips and employers are using Facebook to research if you are employable, We live in a digital age.

repair your online reputation

repair your online reputation They aim to draw attention to more comprehensive content pertaining to a specific topic.

In their most recent Retail ‘Ecommerce’ Sales Report, the Department of Commerce reported that ‘e commerce’ accounted for 1 of total retail sales.

Social media profiles are arguably most of the most powerful tools for optimizing your digital footprint. Importance of maintaining your digital reputation and building positive relationships with customers has led many marketing firms to include Online Reputation Management services as part of their offering. Online portfolio can if properly curated and maintained. The majority of avenues for instantaneous communication and brand awareness have also created spaces for negative narratives to spin out of control quickly. Websites, blogs, and social media have afforded brands and individuals many opportunities to be authentic, transparent, and easily accessible to their audience. Indepth articlesis a set of search results that appears in line with Google’s normal organic results. To an extent it’s necessary, as daunting as having your information online can sometimes seem. Signified by two faint greyish lines bordering the results, indepth articles typically appear in groups of three within the lower half of the first page of search results for a given query.

Does the need for individuals and businesses to take control of their presence online, as ecommerce continues to grow.

Even a vengeful past employee or ex may spread nasty rumors about you online.

Bad things happen to good people quite often.

Whatever the reason, if you’re in need of online reputation repair, you shouldn’t worry. Then, as she was boarding her plane to Cape Town, in 2013 South Africa, Justine Sacco quickly tweeted the following message to her 170 Twitter followers at 10 dot 19 AM from London. Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. A well-known fact that is. Online, there’s a particular opportunity for maximizing Search Engine promotion. Besides, the tweet was a joke -a ribbing of firstworld naivety intended to be shared between Justine and her circle of friends. Just kidding. Actually the joke went over very poorly, and the tweet spread beyond Justine’s social circle almost immediately after it went live. Press releases are an excellent promotion tool both online and off.

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repair your online reputation    

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